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You can use anything around you - it's the tradition to make use of available resources. - old fabric, cottons, chaff, paper and so on.

Many people uses styrofoam ball - gives you nice round shape and light.

This photo is using newspaper as a core.

Stringing to make sphere

Any string will do for this process - also synthetic fibbers is recommended.

Wrap it round the core tightly to make a sphere. - process omitted if you are using styrofoam ball.

Bottom thread - Yarn

Wrap the ball round with fine yarn (again, synthetic fibres is recommended).
It gives temari soft feel when you handle them.

It would be best to match up the colour with thread for base

Thread to finish off the base

Warp the ball round and round with fine thread (sewing thread etc) until you can't see the yarn.

Now you have the base for Temari.

Divide the ball

Divide the ball into 4th, 8th, 10th etc depending on the pattern you are using.

Mark them with thread such as 2 thread of embroidery thread No. 25.


This is the fun bit.

Embroid the ball using thread such as pearl cotton thread.
There are many patterns you can use for Temari and it makes it all fun and creative!